Friday, 29 November 2013

Armchair Shopping - Part 3

It's time for the Black Friday Sale! This is the start of the Christmas season shopping and all retailers would have massive sales going on.

Here are some popular websites to get you started on your Christmas shopping:
  1. - always in style
  2. - wide variety of items for the whole family. They have lots of stuff under 'Favourite characters' - clothes, PJs, watches, I even saw the closest thing to a princess glass shoe! And for the boys, they have batman hoodies, PJs, briefs and even shoes!
  3. Crazy8 - discounted kids clothing
  4. Pumpkin Patch - stylish kids clothes at prices lower than SG retail
  5. Toys R us & Baby R us - needs no introduction
  6. Yoyo - give the toy finder a try! You can shop by age, category, brands or characters.
  7. - wide variety of mummy & baby paraphernalia
  8. BeyondTheRack - kids clothing

Sane tip: I really hate crowds and I'm glad I've finally gotten into online shopping so I don't have to jostle with the christmas crowd this year.

Save tip: Besides great savings from the Black Friday discounts, mummywee readers are entitled to 5% off international shipping charges from comGateway till the end of the year (2013). It's cheaper to consolidate your items and ship them back together as the first 0.5kg costs US$11 while every additional 0.5kg costs US$2.85. But remember not to exceed S$400 inclusive of freight charges as GST will be levied. When you first sign up with them, you will be offered a welcome pack which gives you 10% off your first shipping. From your 2nd shipping onwards, you get a 5% discount. Current uses of comGateway will also be entitled to the 5%. The promo code can be found in mummywee facebook page. Do 'Like' us so that you will be prompted every time a new post is up. Just click on the big blue 'Like' at the top right of this page. Happy shopping!

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  1. Times like this I wish I were living in the US! or Canada!

  2. Me too! The discounts there are real discounts, not like our paltry discounts here...


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