Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Kidspecialty - Craft books review and {giveaway}

During the holidays, to occupy #5 instead of letting him watch too much TV or play too much computer games, I try to get him to do craft work. I was delighted to be given these 2 Sesame Street Craft books by the online educational store Kidspecialty to review.
Hardcover Sesame Street 'First Crafts' book
#5 flipped through the book and quite a couple of them caught his eye. The everyday crafts included Origami box, Foil frames, Picture puzzles, Felt jewellery, Mosaic mats and many more. When he came across the Magic Pictures, he immediately decided on it.

#5: "This is way cool!"
The materials needed are mostly simple things that can be found at home. We gathered the paper, plastic sheet, markers, scissors and scotch tape.
Materials needed for 'Magic Pictures'
#5 read the steps and started following the instructions by himself. The first step was to fold the paper into 3 equal parts, followed by cutting the finger grip space and a square for the frame.
Concentrating hard
He was supposed to cut out a rectangle from only the top layer, but he cut through all 3 layers! He realised his mistake and had to start over again.
Oops, didn't follow the instructions properly
Next he had to decorate the frame. He drew a pattern with repeating colours. These days, he's into patterns.
Orange, grey, red, blue, green, yellow...
Once the frame is done, he cut out a piece of paper to fit one section of the paper and started to draw his design on it. He drew a sun and divided it into 2 halves. But it is no ordinary sun. He explained animatedly that one half is the good sun and the other half is the bad sun. The good sun is more powerful and defeats the bad sun. Thus, the bad sun becomes the good sun, and that is why it is shining brightly.

He needed a little bit of help with the instructions at the end

Next, he used a bit of tape to tape the white paper onto the plastic (at the back). He then used a black permanent marker to draw the outline on the plastic.
Nothing here...
Here comes the best part. He opened out the card and slipped the bottom flap between the picture and the plastic layer on top so only the outline is shown. Then he gripped the plastic paper and pulled. The picture magically appears in colour! He took his magic picture everywhere with him and showed everyone whom he met.
And presto!
Besides First Crafts, other titles in this series include Nature Crafts, Animal Crafts, Food Crafts and Rainy Day Crafts. They cost $11.90 per book, and would make great Christmas gifts too. The Nature Crafts book include activities like making a Bird Feeder, Flower Crown, Pressed Flowers, Animal Clips and many more.
Both books included in the {Giveaway}
Sane tip: The instructions are simple enough for a 7-year old to complete on his own. If your child is younger, these make great craft activities for bonding sessions.

Save tip: {GIVEAWAY) Yay, another giveaway! Kidspecialty is kindly giving away 3 sets of both the 'Nature Crafts' and 'First Crafts' books.

All you have to do is:

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  • 3 winners will be chosen at random
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Disclaimer: Kidspecialty sponsored the books and giveaway. All opinions are my own.

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