Sunday, 22 December 2013

Party time!

Every Christmas, we attend 2 organised Christmas parties and the kids still look forward to them very much even though they are older now. It has become one of our annual family traditions. We have been going for this Christmas party for the past 10 years and the organiser calls me her most ardent supporter. I also invite a couple of other kids along as we adults like the cosy atmosphere of this party.
My dear lil' guest in her VIP seat
The kids look forward to the simple games like musical chairs, pop the balloon, and some parent-child games.
Musical chairs
They also take this opportunity to make gifts for their grandparents and aunts. They made some pretty keychains and bracelets this round.
Activity booths
And of course, the guest everyone was waiting for… Santa Claus! 
"Nice to meet you, Santa"
The nice thing about this party is that Santa personally hands a gift to every child. And he makes the effort to chat with them and asks if they have been behaving well. In fact, I was so impressed by one Santa a couple of years back. #5 wrote a card to him, and he took the trouble to get our address from the organiser and even wrote a letter back to him! What a kind and sincere man. It was definitely more than just a job to him.
A personal letter from Santa
This is the second time Kate has seen Santa and she still doesn't dare to go near him.
"Let's go back to mummy"
We moved on to another party with the cousins. The girls were busy playing scissors-paper-stones.
My niece smiling sweetly for the camera
The boys were busy looking for their Christmas presents. 
"Hmm.. which one is for me?"
And the adults? Busy makan-ing as usual.
My other niece posing for the camera
Time for the gift exchange. And the best toy? The giant box which held the 'white elephant' stool (in the background). The kids kept taking turns going into the box and playing 'Jack-in-the-box'.
"Merry Christmas, Uncle WH!"

Sane tip: I just love Christmas. It's a time where friends and family gather and enjoy one another's company. We are indeed blessed to be surrounded by a big family.

Save tip: The best toys in life are free!

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