Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Ice cream in 9 minutes

What do we do on a hot, hot day? Make our own popsicles! And who always comes to get a lick?
Kate's first ice-cream
She's not sure if she should lick it or bite it.
"So hard to bite"
"What's this weird cold food?"
"Actually tastes quite good!"
I bought #3 this cool little gadget as a reward for doing so well last year. We just leave it in the freezer, and when they feel like having an ice-cream, they will look in the fridge for some fruits, juice it, and pour it into the popsicle maker. It will literally freeze before their eyes. And, viola! Homemade ice-cream in less than 10 minutes.
Popsicle maker
Sane tip: The kids can make their own DIY ice-cream instantly. And it's healthy too! 

Save tip: We got this from Tangs at a 20% discount during the Christmas season (U.P. $60+). We don't need to go out and get ice-cream anymore! (or so I keep telling them). 

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