Saturday, 22 February 2014

Signing TiME! Baby sign language DVD

You would have heard about baby sign language. About how it helps baby to communicate their needs through actions before they are able to speak. For those who want a simpler option than reading a baby signing book, there's a DVD available!
Fun way of learning signing
It's so much easier to follow the sign from watching it than reading it off a book. (Ok, maybe it's just me. I'm not good at visualising instructions off a book, that's why I'm hopeless at origami). This DVD is the first in a series, and it includes basic words such as 'Eat', 'Milk', 'Water', 'Sleep' and many more.
'Eat' - Hand to the mouth

Easy for kids to imitate
In case you are wondering, research has shown that signing with baby does not delay the onset of speech. This DVD takes just 30 minutes to run you through the different words and it's really easy to pick up to teach your baby.
'Milk' - milking a cow
Besides being useful for babies, this series of DVDs are popular with parents of special needs children with autism, down syndrome or speech delays. The songs are very catchy and the children can pick the signs up easily. 
Actions are repeated many times
You can get a copy from Kidspecialty at $33 per DVD. They have many other titles in the series including 'Here I go', 'Potty time', 'Down syndrome support' and more.

Sane tip: Babies these days learn so quickly. At 12 months, many babies can do actions such as waving goodbye, 'flying kiss', 'gong xi gong xi', etc, so they can definitely pick up sign language quite easily. It makes a world of difference to be able to have another means of communicating with your baby so that you can understand their needs.

Save tip: I'm done with my copy of Signing TiME! and I'm happy to pass it on to someone else who needs it. Just leave your email on our Facebook page and I'll contact you. If there is more than 1 person wanting it, I'll do a simple lucky draw by throwing some numbers into a box and let Kate have fun picking one out!

Disclaimer: Signing TiME! DVD has been sponsored by Kidspecialty

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