Thursday, 27 March 2014

Brewerkz @ Riverside point

I used to think that Brewerkz was only for the guys to hang out and have their fill of beer, but having had a meal there, I discovered that it is a very family-friendly place. Good food, great chillax ambience, and there's something to please everyone. They dish up good, hearty, western food, and their menu is comprehensive enough to cater to even the fussiest eaters.
Pork Knuckle $34, Truffle fries $11
You can choose from a variety of sides to go with your main meal. The kids loved the truffle fries which meant I had the sweet potato fries mostly to myself. Yum!
Rib-eye with Sweet potato fries $44
The kids don't normally eat burgers, but they saw some other diners relishing their burgers and they felt like being very 'western' so they ordered a Cowboy burger. Utterly satisfying.
Cowboy burger with Onion rings $24
Meat lovers pizza $23
#5 is the only one still keen on eating 'Kids' meals' so he ordered a Fish & chips. The kid's meals come with a drink and a scoop of ice-cream. 
Kids Fish & Chips $15
They provide an activity sheet and crayons to keep the kids busy before the food arrives.
Quiet kids = happy mummy
Kate had a swell time as she seldom gets to accompany us out for dinner. Brewerkz opens from noon till late, so we were able to have an earlier dinner which suits us perfectly.
Can't smile yet.. mouth full
It was really lovely and breezy dining by the riverside. Somehow it felt like we were elsewhere on a family vacation.
Alfresco dining
After the kids had their fill, they had ample space to stretch their legs while the adults carried on enjoying the leisurely meal.
Riverside fun
Boat watching
The daddies are definitely spoilt for choice with a wide range of beers here at Singapore's oldest microbrewery. Their top 3 best-selling beers are Golden Ale, Pilsner and IPA.
Mind-boggling array of beer

Beer prices depend on the hour
There is a pool table for those aged above 18 (or supervised by a responsible adult). Great for teens to bond with dad.
$2 per game
Their riverside point outlet is a massive 500 seater restaurant which easily accommodates parties and private functions.
Indoor or outdoor seating available
Sane tip: We had a thoroughly enjoyable dining experience, courtesy of Brewerkz. Will definitely be back!

Save tip: Beer prices are tiered, with the cheapest between the hours of 12-3pm. Next tier is between 3-6pm. Also watch out for happy hour, beer of the week goes at a cool price of $5.



Mon - Thurs & Sunday: 12noon - 12midnight
Fri, Sat & PH eve: 12noon - 1am
PH: Open from 12noon

30 Merchant Road #01-05
Riverside Point
Singapore 058282
Tel: 64387438


2 Stadium Walk
Singapore Indoor Stadium
Singapore 397691
Tel: 63459905


TAPHOUSE by Brewerkz
18E Dempsey Road
Singapore 249677
Tel: 66341229

Operating Hours for 

Mon - Thurs: 5pm - 12midnight
Fri & Sat:  12noon - 1am
Sunday: 12noon - 12midnight
PH Eve: Open until 1am
Public Holiday: Open from 12noon

Disclaimer: Brewerkz sponsored our meal. All opinions are my own.

~ mummy wee - a blog on parenting 6 kids in Singapore ~


  1. this is one place we used to hang out with my side of the family ! looking at your pics, made me miss home :)

    1. Hi Rachel,

      Gonna be our new hang out joint too! Time to head home for a holiday perhaps? ;)


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