Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Kate's antics: Mini scooter

Kate loves riding her cousin's little scooter.
Her favourite move? Ramming into the wall. I think it's the anticipation which tickles her the most.
"Going to hit the wall…"
Awesome :)

Sane tip: I really learnt to lighten up and laugh more after having Kate. Really thankful that she has such a joyful and cheery disposition. With the 5 of them, the days were so tough for so long that I went into a permanent "Life's not funny" mode. If not for Kate, I think I would have ended up like Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black where he walks around expressionless.

Save tip: Thankful that Kate has a cousin who is 9 months older than her. Just the right age for sharing toys and for hand-me-downs.

~ mummy wee - a blog on parenting 6 kids in Singapore ~


  1. Aww! She looks so happy! Yes, we must cherish these moments and make much of them and make little of the awful ones. :P

    1. Yes, so true. Better to focus on the sweet instead of the bitter! :)


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