Friday, 13 June 2014

Robata Robata - Japanese Buffet @ Westgate

During the school holidays, when we meet with friends living in the West, we invariably end up at Westgate, thanks to the amazing FREE treehouse playground. We went there a couple of times with different friends so this time we decided to try a Japanese buffet which seems really kid-friendly.
Ample seating
What I liked was the mini kids' corner where the sushi rolls and finger food are placed at a low table so the kids can help themselves. Great for the little ones.
Assorted sushi
Assorted tempura
A fave with the kids were the deep-fried and grilled party-type food such as sausages, chicken wings, onion rings and crispy chicken. Oh well, it's the holidays. Junk food in exchange for a peaceful meal? Sure. What with 6 kids hanging around me all day, everyday for 2 weeks now. I'll just pretend we're at a party.

There is a teppanyaki counter where you choose your own sides and they will fry it up with a choice of chicken or fish. Inform them of your table number and it will be sent to you.
Interesting, but somewhat bland tasting
The best dish according to my kids was the freshly made pizzas which they all agreed was awesome. I didn't manage to take a picture of it as it ran out and was not replaced. They also have staple Japanese dishes such as green noodles and chawanmushi. Free flow of drinks are included in the buffet.
Assorted fruits
Small selection of cakes
Ice-cream station
And the most enjoyable part of the meal for the kids? Dessert! Especially when you can drench your strawberries or marshmellows in gooey chocolate. Mmmm.
Chocolate fondue station
Sane tip: It's a great place to take a bunch of kids to as the restaurant is huge and already quite noisy so we didn't have to keep shushing them. There is also an ample selection of food to suit all sorts of fussy palates. However, don't expect the quality of food to be good. As #4 said, "Mum, I think the food at non-buffet places are nicer, but, it's so fun here!" It's the perfect place to go when you have a lot of kids in tow, especially after they have expanded their energies at the playground, and they can re-fuel and entertain themselves while the mums sit and chat.

Oh, and speaking of sanity, be prepared to queue to get into the playground, especially during the weekends.
A first for everything: Queuing to enter a playground?!

Save tip: Enjoy early bird discounts of 20%. Applicable before 12pm for lunch on weekdays and before 6.30pm for dinner. Not valid on eve of/public holidays.

Robata robata


Mon - Fri
Adult: $28.90++
Child: $16.90++

Sat-Sun / Eve of PH & PH
11.30am - 3.00pm
Adult: $33.90++
Child: $18.90++


Mon - Thur 6-10pm
Adult: $39.90++
Child: $18.90++

Fri - Sun / Eve of PH & PH 5.30-10pm
Adult: $44.90++
Child: $20.90++

*CHILD: Kids below 1.4m are entitled to child pricing
*1st child below 1.1m dines for free

3 Gateway Drive #03-10
Singapore 608532
Tel: 64659668

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