Saturday, 12 July 2014

Asian Pregnancy App

I met up with some doctor friends recently and was intrigued to hear that they had created an app just for pregnant mummies! And the unique thing is that it is specific to our asian cultures.

Magazine-like facade

I played around with it and found that not only is it really user-friendly, but they have thought of virtually everything an expectant mum needs. It is like a journal and pregnancy encyclopaedia rolled into one.

Under the 'Mummy' tab, you can find information such as Test & Procedures, Diet & Exercise, Do's & Don'ts, Signs & Symptoms of Labour, When to come to the Hospital and even advice on TCM and confinement practices.

It is lovely how they have included Daddy as well, as it gives our other halves easy access to such information at the touch of a button (no more excuses, dads) It is also timely as I can see how in recent years, with more campaigns to include dads in the involvement of family life, many have come aboard, and what better place to start than at the very beginning of the child's journey.

I'm glad that Assoc Prof Tan Thiam Chye (OBGYN from KKH) and his colleagues have addressed the topics of TCM and confinement practices in this app. Many of us in this generation are torn between 2 camps - one where our mums and grandmas insist that we should abide by their age-old practices, and the other more Westernised opinion where we go by scientific evidence and hence struggle to see the logic in their advice.

I remember the days when I had #1, I couldn't bring myself to abide by my mum's and aunt's strict confinement rules as it didn't make sense to me. I can still hear their admonitions. Wear long pants to cover your knees! (even during the hot, humid afternoon) If not the 'wind' will enter your bones! Wind? What Wind? Wear house slippers, if not the dampness will enter your body from your feet. Dampness? From my completely dry floor? Sounded bizarre to me then.

However, after 6 kids, my body is now showing the effects of not listening to their advice. Now, I have to wear house slippers the whole time, or I can literally feel the coldness of the ground seeping into the soles of my feet. And if I walk around for half a day without slippers, I will get a sort of rheumatic pain going up the bones of my legs, and before long, it will be so painful that I'm unable to walk. And I can't sit in an air-conditioned room after washing my hair, or I will get a splitting headache. Of course it's worse for me as I have had 6 kids, but now I tell my friends to take confinement seriously, because even if they feel ok now, the aches and pains may start to present themselves when they are much older. (Well, that's what I hear from my elderly aunts. And now I know better than to doubt them!)

A really cool feature is the gestation video which is tagged to the week of pregnancy which you're at, so you can see the baby's stage of growth. Mummies can also use the app as their own 'preggers diary' to keep up with their appointments, doctor's advice, the vitamins that have been prescribed, and even photos of visits to the gynae!

Other features include a list of baby names, including the meanings, an in-built diary, and of course, the all-important link to the social media where Facebook and your personal emails are connected. The most reassuring point to note is that this app was created by a team of very experienced local gynaecologists so you can be confident that this is sound advice from qualified doctors.

Sane tip: There's so much essential information all within one app. Don't forget to use the appointment segment to keep tab of your gynae visits. Yup, I know how it is with pregnancy and our memory.

Save tip: This wonderful app is absolutely free! I wish I had it when I was expecting the bunch of them.

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