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The Entertainer Mobile App: 1-for-1 deals

I'm not much of a drinker, but when I was invited for cocktails and canap├ęs at The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill @ One Fullerton for a media event, I couldn't pass up the chance for a relaxing evening by the bay sipping cocktails and watching the NDP preview. I love that stretch of waterfront as you get the full view of the splendour of the Marina Bay Sands skyline.

The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill is part of a slew of establishments under The Entertainer portfolio, whereby for $76, you just download their app and are entitled to more than 700 1-for-1 deals in restaurants, casual eateries, nightspots, spas, activities and attractions from now till 31 Dec 2014. Wow, beat that!

I was so excited to try out this new app (if you haven't already noticed, I looove to eat) to see if it was really easy to use before writing my review. Normally after our weekly sessions, my yoga kakis and I would head to the nearby markets for brunch. I told them about the 1-for-1 deals and they thought it sounded great too. We decided to kickstart this app with the very atas French restaurant Au Petit Salut at Harding road (Demsey area) as we heard it was good. This restaurant is one of the few under the Fine Dining Gold selection and we were definitely not disappointed.
Saddle of Welsh Lamb $46
We studied the menu and 2 of us decided to go for the lamb. It was done in a very unique way, with the skin wrapped around the meat and grilled. The set lunches here were really value for money from $38++ including an appetiser and desert, so the other 2 ended up ordering the set lunch even though we couldn't use the voucher for it. Both the appetisers and the desserts were good, thus it was no wonder that the restaurant was packed even during a weekday lunch. The server suggested that the vouchers could be better utilised during dinner.

I called for the bill and informed them I was going to use The Entertainer voucher. All I had to do was to input my pin which I had created previously, and hand over my mobile to the server. She then keyed in her pin and automatically the amount was removed from our bill. Simple! It then shows you how much you have saved. Each outlet gives you 3 vouchers, so you can go in a party of 6 and have 3 main courses for free, or you can go for 3 date nights with the hubby. Lovely.
Your savings is shown
As we are always taking the kids out for meals, I was raring to try out other eateries. Over the long weekend, I had to pick #2 from her CIP work and as I have not spent one-on-one time with her in quite a while, I asked if she wanted to go and have a nice lunch. She was thrilled and I whipped out my phone and scrolled through The Entertainer app for a suitable place and we decided on Hard Rock cafe at HPL building. #2 absolutely loved the place and said it "rocks". Her grandparents had just bought her a guitar and she taught herself to play by watching YouTube videos. She checked out all the awesome guitars on display and told me this was one of the best lunches ever. As I sat there and looked around the place, it hit me that it must have been more than 20 years since we used to hang out there! Ah, suddenly I feel young and hip again ;) Being a weekend, there was a balloon sculpture lady dressed as Snow White going around fashioning balloons for the kids.
Hickory Smoked Ribs $32

Original Legendary 10 oz Burger $25

Also on The Entertainer list is another very family-friendly restaurant we love. We ate at Brewerkz recently and everyone had a great time. Good food, great chillax ambience by the river. Never fails to make me feel like I'm on vacation! For a full review, click here. 

Pork Knuckles $34

Ribeye with sweet potato fries $44
If you are in the heart of town, a lovely quiet cafe to have a good meal is the Poolside Grill @ Marriot Hotel. Relaxing ambience, great food, and excellent service. And with the 1-for-1 deal, there isn't a better time to try it out! For a full review, click here.

Just for the month of August, there is also a special 1-for-1 Belvedere cocktail promotion at The Pelican Bar & Grill for The Entertainer members. When you and a guest dine there and order 2 main courses with The Entertainer voucher, you are entitled to as many 1-for-1 Belvedere cocktails as your heart desires. I know, the year end exams are drawing near and the stress levels of parents are soaring. Time to take a break and chill, folks. 
Sunkiss and Citrus Summer, made with lemon tea-flavoured Belvedere vodka
Other food establishments I've tried/heard are good:
  • Bedrock Bar & Grill
  • Cocotte
  • Marmalade Pantry
  • Brunetti
  • Yantra
I'll list a couple under Informal Dining:
  • Domino's Pizza
  • Penny University
  • Popeyes
  • The Yogurt Place
  • Cupcakes with Love
  • Ben & Jerry's
  • Share Tea
Activities which we're so going to try:
  • Forest Adventure
  • Climb Asia
  • Indoor Maze
  • Laser Clay
  • Petite Park indoor playground
  • Sea Breeze Watersports

Sane tip: I dislike having to think of where to eat. With this app, I just search under Places Nearby and a whole list will appear and I can easily choose from there. Love it! Besides dining options, there are also some Spas, hair/nail salons, and even Yoga studios on the list.

Save tip: The Entertainer Singapore Mobile App can be purchased annually for $95. Right now, you can sample it for one month at just $19! All you need to do is to go to The Entertainer Singapore One Month Mobile Product link and key in the code @mummy. This discount code expires on 1 Sept. You can use the app for 30 days from date of purchase. Thereafter, you can simply upgrade to the full product for a further $76, allowing you to keep redeeming your offers until 31 December 2014. I have already saved a total of $96, and definitely more to come! Happy eating!

Disclosure: I was sponsored The Entertainer Singapore Mobile product. All opinions are my own.

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