101 Paths to Success

I am starting a series of interviews on individuals who have found success in different walks of life. Some knew early what they wanted to be, while others discovered their passion after working in different fields.

When #1 had to choose a course for her polytechnic diploma, it was a tough choice for us because at 16, she didn't quite know what she wanted to do in life. I knew for certain that I did not want to force my choices on her as I believe every child has their own capabilities and talents, and it is our duty as parents to guide them to find their own path in life.

I decided to approach successful people in their own right and interview them to help other parents see that we don't have to hang on to the "Be a doctor/lawyer/accountant" mindset for our children and push them relentlessly through the education mill.

Why 101?

101 stands for introductory courses, so I hope that these stories serve as a springboard for young people to enquire and discover more in areas which spark their interests. It also reminds me of the story 101 Dalmatians, where every dog has a unique pattern of spots. Similarly, every child is different and parents should recognise and embrace that.

I will be interviewing 1 or 2 individuals every month, and who knows, I might make it to 101 interviews over the next few years! Feel free to drop me an email if you know of anyone who might be an inspiration to our children and is keen to hop aboard.

So read on and I'm sure you would be as inspired as I was in getting a glimpse into the lives of these dynamic individuals, and especially how many of them are driven by a desire to fulfil a deeper need beyond themselves.

Once again, I would like to say a big thank you to all the contributors who have so generously given of your time and effort to share with us your life's journey.

{INTERVIEWS} 101 Paths to Success

#1: Associate Professor Karen Crasta - Scientist
Associate Prof at the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine & Joint Principal investigator at A*STAR Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology

#2: Jeremiah Choy - Creative Director
Creative Director of Sing50, a mega concert to commemorate Singapore's 50th Jubilee celebrations, Creative Director of ChildAid charity concert

#3: Elaine Yeo - SSO Musician
Associate Principal Cor Anglais cum Second Oboe with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra for over 20 years

#4: Chong Ee Jay - Cyber Wellness Educator
Manager of TOUCH Cyber Wellness and Head of Volunteer Management of TOUCH Community Services

#5: Professor Tan Huay Cheem - Cardiologist
Senior Consultant at the Department of Cardiology at NUH, Director of National University Heart Centre, and Professor of Medicine at Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NUS

#6: Ruth Wan - Writer & Editor
Author of popular Timmy and Tammy series, selected for SG50 Baby Jubilee Gift Pack and Managing Editor of Armour Publishing

#7: Andrea Decruz - Media Personality
Owner of CINQ Salon and Belmont Flora

#8: Ebelle Chong - Dance Practitioner / Choreographer
Highly sought-after Dance Educator & Choreographer, premiered critically acclaimed SSLD:7 in R.e.P 2015

#9: Dr. Phillip A. Towndrow - Senior Research Scientist
Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University

#10: Christine Teo - Mental Health Social Worker
Founder of Generation 414

#11: Peter Draw - Artist / Cartoonist
4 Guinness World Record holder, co-founder/CEO of Present

#12: Doreen Tan - Textile & Apparel Industry Expert
Chief Executive of Textile and Fashion Industry Training Centre

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